Discover our industrial activities and discover our advances

Welcome to our ‘Activities’ section, where you will explore the diverse and exciting world of the services we offer in the field of metalworking, pipe installation, and mechanical assemblies. At Cameto, we take pride in showcasing our experience and dedication in a variety of fields crucial to the modern industry. From promoting sustainable energy sources to contributing to the oil and gas infrastructure, as well as innovating in water treatment, each of our activities demonstrates our commitment to excellence and efficiency.

Renewable Energies

Dive into the future with our Renewable Energy solutions, where we apply our technical expertise to drive the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy matrix.

Purification and Desalination of Water

As water challenges continue to rise, our team strives to develop efficient and effective solutions to treat and conserve this invaluable resource, opening new possibilities for both communities and businesses alike.

Oil & Gas

Explore our experience in the Oil & Gas sector, where we collaborate in the creation and maintenance of vital infrastructure for the extraction, processing, and distribution of hydrocarbons.

Industrial Assemblies

Our experience in metalworking and mechanical assembly comes together to provide comprehensive solutions that span from planning to implementation, enabling the industry to move forward with confidence.

Starting in 2024 we will have Shot Blasting and Industrial Painting