Cameto builds a pedestrian walkway in Stockholm


Cameto builds a pedestrian walkway in Stockholm

07/01/2016 Todor Petrov Comments Off

The mechanical engineering and assembly company Cameto has achieved new success within its international expansion, after completing the construction of a pedestrian walkway that is part of the Stockholm suburban network.

Acciona Infraestructuras entrusted Cameto with the construction of this walkway within the Malarbanan Project being developed by the construction company in the Swedish capital and which includes the construction of two bridges and several pedestrian and cyclist walkways over the city’s suburban railway lines.

Construction of the footbridge in Tomelloso

Cameto has manufactured this 40 meter long and 4 and a half meter wide walkway entirely at its facilities in Tomelloso, in Ciudad Real, using approximately 51 tons of carbon steel for this project. The walkway is made up of reinforced steel beams, using a plate up to 30 mm thick. Furthermore, during its construction the walkway received a high-resistance surface treatment so that the infrastructure can withstand the extreme climate of the Swedish capital, with temperatures between -7 and 2 ºC.

Transfer from Tomelloso to Stockholm

However, the biggest challenge posed by this commission was precisely the transfer of the walkway from Tomelloso to the place where it was installed in Stockholm. To do this, it was necessary to carry out a prior study and analyze the transit areas to the port from which the infrastructure was moved by sea to Sweden, and from its destination to the location.

Furthermore, the project presented a certain complexity of assembly and lifting of the infrastructure, especially because the installation had to be carried out in a short period of time. The installation of the footbridge required the interruption of rail traffic and Cameto’s technicians and operators put their experience and coordination skills to the test to complete the installation in total safety, within the set times so as not to hinder train traffic in the area. ”

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