Cameto single-axis solar trackers: savings and performance

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Cameto single-axis solar trackers: savings and performance

03/07/2018 Todor Petrov Comments Off

The metal engineering and installations company Cameto continues to advance in the renewable energy sector, and more specifically in the development of solar thermal plants. An area in which Tomelloso’s company has consolidated its specialization in recent years, putting its experience to the test in important international projects such as the Ouarzazate solar thermal plants in Morocco or Bokpoort, Ilanga and Kathu in South Africa, among others.

As a result of this specialization, Cameto has developed its own single-axis solar tracker system, managing to improve its performance and offering excellent results in terms of efficiency and savings.

What are single-axis solar trackers?

Single-axis solar trackers are mechanical devices that allow solar panels to be oriented so that they remain permanently perpendicular to the sun’s rays, following the sun from the east at sunrise to the west at sunset. These devices are used in various solar energy generation facilities and are essential for the profitability of these infrastructures, since the savings and the energy generated depend on the type of tracker that guides the solar panels.

In this sense, it is worth noting that among the various solar tracker systems, the industry is opting for this solar tracking model.

New line of business for single-axis solar trackers

The installation of single-axis solar trackers is a new line of business for Cameto in which it has put the best of its international experience in solar energy projects.

The solar trackers of this new line of business have a system designed and configured according to the client’s needs, which are installed to allow the plates to pivot on a single axis, following the path of the sun.

Installation of solar trackers from scratch

Cameto is capable of launching these facilities from scratch. The company from La Mancha manufactures the structure and is responsible for assembling the panels on the structure and installing the equipment.

Cameto single-axis trackers are mainly used in large agricultural facilities where considerable electrical consumption is required, and in industrial plants to generate energy.

The advantages of Cameto single-axis solar trackers

The devices developed by Cameto offer several advantages for customers, which are felt in the cost savings, speed and profitability of the equipment.

Without civil works

Cameto’s solar tracker system does not require civil works, which represents significant savings and speeds up the installation of the panels.

Better performance

The panels are arranged in the morning facing east and as the day progresses they follow the path of the sun until it sets, so performance increases on the fixed plates by up to 25%.

In addition, this model competes in performance with two-axis solar trackers, with the difference that our one-axis system is much cheaper and more efficient.

Maintenance and zero consumption

Maintenance of single-axis solar trackers is easier and, best of all, energy consumption is zero since they are self-sufficient. These systems are self-sufficient in energy, so they do not require connection to the electrical grid.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the installation of single-axis solar trackers, contact us to study your case and to be able to offer you a solution tailored to your project.”

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